Petroleum Wholesale Readiness Programme

Online Training Programme Presented By UFuel Academy
UFuel Academy provides online training programmes to individuals who wants to start or manage a petroleum wholesale business. The UFuel Petroleum Wholesale Readiness Programme will equip learners with an in-depth understanding of what it takes to effectively start and manage a fuel wholesale business within South Africa.

UFuel Petroleum Wholesale Readiness Programme:

Training Modules:

Module 1: Introduction and Overview: Petroleum Wholesale in South Africa
  • General Situations, Trends and Observations


Module 2: Petroleum Wholesale License
  • Petroleum Regulations
  • License Conditions and Restrictions
  • Compliance
  • Annual Submissions and Renewals


Module 3: Tips and Examples on Fuel Pricing, Specifications, Testing and Transportation
  • Fuel Price and Fuel Price Structure
  • Fuel Zones – Magisterial District Zones
  • Fuel Specifications
  • Fuel Sampling, Test Methods Explained and Their Use
  • Transport of Fuel and Working with Transport Companies
  • Transport Companies Insurance Requirements


Module 4: Source of Petroleum Products
  • Where to Source Product as a Fuel Wholesaler
  • How to Open an Account with the Oil Majors/Refineries
  • Funding Solutions
  • Payment Methods Explained i.e. Escrow Services
  • Import and Export of Petroleum Products


Module 5 – Operational Plan for a Petroleum Wholesale Business
  • Management and Administration
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Website, Social media
  • Customer Analysis
  • Target Markets
  • Product and Pricing
  • Funding Plan


Module 6 – Storage Facilities, Truck Stop’s & Diesel Depot’s
  • Introduction and Overview
  • Compliance, Conditions and Restrictions.
  • Design, EMP, NERSA and Environmental Requirements
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Programme Includes:
  • 12+ Hours on-demand training videos
  • 20+ Downloadable Resources
  • 30+ Articles
  • Industry Directory
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Complimentary Consultation with Industry Expert

What you will learn:
How to effectively start and manage a petroleum wholesale business within South Africa.

Programme Delivery:
UFuel Academy deliver the programme 100% online via our online training portal.

Programme Duration:
Six modules delivered over a 5-week period.

Cost of Programme:
R6500 once off fee,


R5000 for UFuel Clients

The training programme is delivered 100% online via the UFuel Academy website and the learner would need to have access to a computer with internet, email account and a pdf file reader. The pdf file reader can be downloaded free of charge on

The programme consists of six modules as outlined above with 12+ hours of training videos, 20+ downloadable resources, access to an industry directory, 30+ articles, online quizzes and support documents for each module.

The programme is delivered over a five-week period and learners get access to one new module every week.

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